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Mini Wheel Conveyor Tracks - Universal Handling

Mini Wheel Conveyor Tracks

Light-duty Conveyors: Mini Wheel Conveyor Tracks
MWT2 - Double row Mini Wheel Track

The successful Mini Wheel system is ideal for conveying small and light to medium weight packages down shallow gradients.
Each 25mm wheel clips into it’s own nylon cradle, which then clips into the galvanized track.
Available in single, double and triple-row widths, with a standard track length 2440mm. Track widths are; single row 62mm, two & three 90mm.
The maximum load capacity per Mini Wheel is 2.5kg

MTW1 – Single row, 54 Mini Wheels per 2.4M length
MTW2Double row, 108 Mini Wheels per 2.4M length
MTW3 – Triple row, 160 Mini Wheels per 2.4M length 


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